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Dogs are simply amazing. They have become part of our family and an integral part of our society. Unfortunately, some people see dogs as property instead of a family member. Many people turn their heads to look away at the bad, but dog rescuers do not. My rescue world is filled with amazing people that I am proud to know. It is also filled with a ton of drama. Time to Raise the Woof and tell the stories that are long overdue.
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Jun 10, 2019

Emily Porter has transformed so many matted dogs into beautiful gems. With a recent surge in gnarly dogs REALLY needing a makeover with The Hot Mess Express, Emily has been re-energized. She does so much amazing work and has so many great stories. Follow her on insta @emilygrooms dogs

Jun 4, 2019

"There is so much (domestic abuse) survivors can get from their relationship with their pets, not only during their crisis but in the healing after they have managed to escape. It can really help them take control of their lives again and feel loved."

~Jessica Katz

Executive Director, The Safe Haven Network


May 28, 2019

In just 2 years, Jessica Hiltner, Co-Founder and President of Real Dogs Moms of Chicago, has built quite a brand. Many dog moms vie for a coveted feature on their social media, but more importantly, they have partnered with chicagoland rescues and foundations to bring in much needed funds for animals by throwing amazing events. She is a hustler and has a great future. 

May 21, 2019

"We cannot imagine living without her." 

Ah, my whole heart. A dog that I helped to save from Chicagoland Rescue and Intervention Support Program has the absolute best life after many years of being overbred and under loved. Miss Judy Big Pig has a cut following after being rescued by One Tail at a Time and adopted by 2 amazing dudes named Evan and Alex, who have changed her life forever....but she has change theirs, too. Adopting an older dog is the best. 

May 14, 2019

Melissa Pena does everything in her power to save the animals others leave to fend for themselves. She is the go-to in Chicagoland when anyone needs help with a wild animal including roosters, pigs, rabbits, squirrels, turtles, horses and so much more. Did you know that bunnies poop 300 times a day? I learned SO MUCH from this will too. 

May 7, 2019

Some times you have to take a break so you do not break. Getting away from toxic is so important. 

Apr 30, 2019

"Any time that I can create awareness, I am happy to help."

Jamie Buehrle has an amazing platform to spread awareness about Breed Specific Legislation as well as how incredible pit bulls are despite all the uneducated people spewing bs. She walks the walk and talks the talk and has done so much good for so many animals. Honored to have her as a guest this week. 

Raise the Woof is presented by Fetch Pet Care Chicago. Fetch! Pet Care of Chicago is hiring professional pet sitters and dog walkers in Chicago. If you’re a lover of all animals you can go to their website to fill out an online application,

Apr 16, 2019

An epiphany and a thank you. 

Apr 16, 2019

Janice Gork is the Founder of Tails Pet Magazine and since 2000 she has helped and inspired so many pet owners to treat their animals as part of the families. The path from physical magazines to the digital age has been a project, but with a booming pet industry, her content is thriving. 

Raise the Woof is presented by Fetch Pet Care. Fetch! Pet Care of Chicago is hiring professional pet sitters and dog walkers in Chicago. If you’re a lover of all animals you can go to their website to fill out an online application,
Apr 2, 2019

Maritza has an amazing job as a dog runner, but it is filled with pressure. She also creates brilliant art that she donates to charities. Great stories from another spectacular guest. 

Mar 12, 2019

Susan Elliot and Nicole Garza have seen just about everything working at an Animal Control in Waukegan. They have hearts of steel and though they do emotional work, they have made a difference in the lives of so many humans and animals. I was honored to volunteer with them a few times. We have some great stories to share. 

Mar 5, 2019

Jon Davis grew up with depression and anxiety. He realized that when he got a dog, he had reason to live during the tough times. Recently, he started The Empawthy Project.... "shining a light on the mental health benefits of pets." We did a live podcast in association with ATA Social Club, Real Dog Moms of Chicago, Rescue in Style and Dovetail Brewery. It was a good, real discussion about mental health and I am sure many of you will be glad people are brave enough to talk about their lives and be so open about the struggles. Thank you Jon. For more information: 

Raise the Woof is presented by Fetch Pet Care. For more: 

Feb 26, 2019

The Hot Mess Express takes dogs that are left for dead. It has been a difficult journey only a few months in and the rescue stories that we have for these animals is remarkable. We give you an inside look at the new rescue collaboration between Lulu's Locker Rescue and Live Like Roo Foundation. CHOOOOO CHOOOO! All aboard. 

Feb 11, 2019

What is the best thing about podcasting?

How do you know an adopter is solid?

What is the most difficult part of rescue?

I took a few questions before my vacation and they brought on some solid discussions....back to our regular schedule soon. 

Feb 5, 2019

“The dating app world is growing remarkably... 1/3 of marriages last year started with online dating. How are we going to create apps that truly make a match? That is what Dig does.”

This app is simply brilliant and pairs people and their dogs to simply make a perfect match. Leigh Isaacson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Dig Dates and joins me for great conversation. Join us. Raise the Woof is presented by Fetch Pet Care Chicago. For more information:

Jan 29, 2019

Sherry Mangold is the Director of Humane Education for Animal Protection of New Mexico. She is trying to stop cruelty, abuse, fighting by educating youth and it is working. She also has adopted 2 Galgos dogs and has turned them into amazing therapy dogs...they have become famous in NM! She is a great guest with a wealth of information. 

Jan 22, 2019

"I am pissed. I wanted to tell the story right."

Yeray Lopez Portillo has seen some of the worst cases of dog abuse and disposal happening in Spain. The Galgos dogs. He has created an amazing documentary called "Yo Galgo"....please watch the trailer and check out this amazing documentary:

These are our dogs. This is our World. This should not be happening in this day and age.  

Jan 15, 2019

"If the dog sits beside the owner, he is done. If he runs and looks back at the owner, he is done."

I have never had more moments in a podcast where my jaw was on the floor. Simply shocking what is going on with Galgos hunting dogs in Spain. It made me want to instantly help. 

Travis Patenaude is at the forefront of rescuing these amazing dogs, who have one of the worst plights I have ever heard about. Give it a listen. To learn more:

Jan 8, 2019
"I suffer from depression and anxiety. There are so many things that pets help us get through. We don't talk about these issues and how much my dog has helped me. I really want to create awareness." 
Jon Davis has created The Empathy Project, which "aims to highlight the mental health benefits of the relationship we have with pets, including through fostering and volunteering. So many people have been helped immensely by pets and we need to start talking about, both for our own benefit and to help others who have yet to experience it. Our mental health struggles are so often kept private and seen as a deficiency, but we can turn them into assets that help others."
This is so important and he was such a great guest! Our event is sold out, but look for more events soon. For more:


Jan 1, 2019

We did this one live on Facebook and I had an assist from Schipp. 

Dec 4, 2018

Joanna Konca broke down twice during this podcast. She feels real feelings and is not afraid to show them. Dogs will do that to you. She is a trainer and has an immense love for dogs from other countries. She also helped me get my start in this crazy rescue world. 

Nov 27, 2018

I thought I would tell the story of Roo and how Live Like Roo Foundation came to be. And on #GivingTuesday, what better way to honor our boy than to give him his own podcast. Check out our Giving RoosDay incentives.

Nov 20, 2018
"I love doing this. I hate why we have to do it, but I love doing this for people."

Laura Krill is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant for Integrative Pet Care and the Vice President/Medial Case Manager for Live Like Roo Foundation. She has a LOT going on and while she juggles it all, she gives people going through one of the toughest times of their lives the support and encouragement they need

Nov 13, 2018

"When I am with him, I feel like he does the talking."

Melissa Lipani has an amazing therapy dog, who has been battling cancer. It is heartbreaking, but she takes it all in stride and shares "Cappy" with the world to help remedy misperceptions of pit bulls. She works for Best Friends and has fostered over 100 dogs. She is a great human. 

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